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History of the Hall Of Fame

The "Hall Of Fame" of the Beantown Softball League was founded in 2005 to provide a historic perspective on, and perpetuate the history of gay softball in Boston which began in 1978. It was formed to be a formal way to recognize, remember, and exhibit the significant contributions made by those special members of the Beantown Softball League.

The Hall of Fame seeks to recognize those who have given that extra effort and exhibited great sportsmanship in addition to achievements of athleticism and longevity. The Hall Of Fame is as much interested in the future as it is in the past of the BSL. The Hall Of Fame hopes and believes that recognizing the efforts, contributions, and achievements of its members will inspire all members of the BSL to display similar qualities and give that extra effort.

The Hall of Fame is a new and organized part of the BSL that hopes to strengthen the League's future by honoring its present, perpetuating its history, and strengthening its future within our community in Boston.

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