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Ed Fernald

Inductee: Ed Fernald

Member Since: 1986
Inducted: 2005

As a dedicated player and coach with excellent knowledge and instincts for the tactics and strategies of the game,
Ed shares his talents primarily in the development of new players to the game by coaching the C and D Divisions.
He has provided his players the opportunity to experience Tournament and World Series play throughout the country.

Coach/Manager, Player (13 yrs)

Teams: Ramrod Night Club (1st team, 1yr), Ramrod Machine (5 yrs), Ramrod Spurs (4 yrs), Ramrod (3 yrs), Metropolitan Health Club (2 yrs), Citi Night Club (1 yr), Uptown Night Club (1 yr), Randolph Country Club (1 yr), 119 Merrimac (1 yr), Paradise Bar (1 yr) Gay Mens Domestic Violence Project (1 yr), Paradise Bar (1 yr)

Awards: Team MVP '87&'88, Team Best Defensive '90, Team Best Offensive '88

Team (Best League Finishes):
As player:
1st place: '89 Lower Div.
2nd place: '90 Upper Div.
As Coach/Mgr:
1st place: '05 Div. III,
2nd place: '06, '04, '95 Div. III

6 World Series Appearances: As player - '88, '99, '03
As coach/mgr - '04, '05, '06
Best finish: 3rd place '04 (as coach/mgr).

30 Tournament Appearances: As player (14 appearances), As coach/mgr (16 appearances)
Best finishes:
1st place: '88, '89 (as player),
1st place: '98 (as coach/plyr),
2nd place: '01 (as coach/plyr), '03 (as coach/mgr)
3rd place: '02 (as coach/plyr)

I have been a member of the BSL since 1986. As a player, I have played in the BSL upper and lower divisions (divisions 1, 2, & 3). As a coach, I have coached C competitive, C recreational and D teams. Some of the highlights of my 21 years are; my first team MVP award playing on the 1987 Uptown Night Club team, playing left field for the 1988 Metropolitan Health Club team at my first road tournament in Pittsburg and my first World Series in Dallas, playing left field for the Citi Night Club team in 1990, coaching my first BSL team (Ramrod Spurs) in 1994, coaching my first road tournament team (Ramrod Spurs) in Philadelphia in 1995, coaching the Randolph Country Club team of 1998 in the Washington DC Tournament (1st place C rec. Div), playing left center field for the Fritz team at the 2000 Seniors Cup in Chicago, coaching the 2004, 2005 and 2006 Ramrod/Machine World Series Softball teams, and in 2005 being inducted into the Beantown Softball League Inaugural Hall Of Fame. I have many more highlights but let me just say that I have had the best of both worlds in the BSL...13 years as a player and 8 years as a coach. I have met so many good people along the way and established friendships that will last a lifetime. The Beantown Softball League has been good to me and I am very proud to have been part of this league for the past 21 years.