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RIP is deceased, Rest in Peace.

Mark McGrath

Inductee: Mark McGrath

Member Since: 1985
Inducted: 2006

As a highly talented player, Mark continues to maintain a high level of excellence and competitiveness and encourages the same of his teammates. He leads by example and has deep concern for the development of players he has coached.

After an intense approach to each game, he enjoys a lighter approach to postgame analysis toasting the game's heroes.

Player, Coach/Manager (3yrs)

Teams: Ramrod (1st team, 3 yrs), Fritz (8 yrs), Luxor (2 yrs), Buzz (2 yrs), Jackhammers (2 yrs), Club Café Crew (5 yrs)


  • Div. I Most Valuable Player '01
  • Div. I Rookie of the Year '85
  • Div. I Best Offensive Player '98
  • Div. I Best Defensive Player '96
  • Team MVP (multiple teams/years)

World Series appearances (multiple): '85-present
Best finishes:
1st place: '92 Los Angeles, Fritz (Div. A)
1st place: '00 Toronto, Jackhammers (Div. B)

Tournament Appearances (Many): '85-present
Best finishes:
1st place: (multiple)
2nd place: (multiple)

Remarks from Mark's 2006 Hall of Fame Induction:

My profound gratitude goes out to Jim McNulty and the Hall of Fame Committee for not only the award but for the tremendous effort in organizing the Hall and this great evening. To my great friend, teammate and incredibly generous sponsor, Frank Ribaudo, who remains a role model for me in terms of how to play this game and epitomizes the positive attitude it takes to succeed. He was also instrumental in talking me out of retirement (although I am sure I have a few teammates who wish he hadn't).

To my great mentors and my first coach, Bob Burnham, and my then first base coach, Billy Svetz, who made this great game and league so much fun for me right from the start in 1985 (and not coincidentally, the starring infielders in my rookie year just happened to be named Gigs, Kevin Docherty, Henry Weinberger, and yes, Gary staples, among others and the pitchers I faced included John Cutting, Seth Hyde and of course Gary Brenner; and then I had the incredible pleasure to have Rudy Becerra as our starting pitcher; to be joining those individuals 22 years later is indeed a very special honor).

I also want to thank Jack Campbell for sponsoring us during that magical season of 2000 and to the guy who I would wager has the best batting average in BSL history, my great friend and teammate Chris Burke; Chris, congratulations on your well deserved induction.

I have referred over the years to the BSL, and only half jokingly, as a support group for people without second homes. While at times I would rather have the home in Provincetown or Ogunquit, I want to thank my BSL family for making my summer weekends so enjoyable for the past 20 plus years. So to my friends and family, both here and absent, quite simply, I couldn't stand here tonight without the support you've provided me over the years. Thank you for an honor I will always cherish.