Recognizing  & Advancing
37 years of Sportsmanship, Teamwork, Leadership, & Pride!

Michael Flaherty

BSL Winter Social

Presented by the BSL Hall of Fame


Every year on the Saturday of Superbowl Weekend, 5:00pm


Club Café, 209 Columbus Avenue, Boston.
The restaurant transforms itself into a BSL meeting place in the middle of winter!


All current, long-time, short-time, former, retired BSL members, friends, and guests are welcomed and encouraged to attend the BSL Winter Social!


The BSL Winter Social is a casual evening meant to rekindle and reunite BSL friendships and acquaintances. It features a "social/cocktail hour and a half", dinner, and more!

What more?

The BSL Winter Social recognizes particular anniversaries of important moments and events in the BSL's many decades of history in their respective years.

What else?

The BSL Winter Social has periodically featured special guest appearances of such BSL supporters as Congressman Barney Frank, News Anchor Randy Price, Boston City Council President and Mayoral candidate Michael Flaherty, and others.


Please send us your email address to receive details and an invitation to this year's BSL Winter Social: