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RIP is deceased, Rest in Peace.

Elaine Otte

Inductee: Elaine Otte

Member: 2001
Inducted: 2013

Among the many aspects to Elaine's involvement with the BSL, 100% competitor is the most evident to those who know her. However, it is also what Elaine does off the field that shows her complete commitment and love for softball, the BSL, and its players.

Player (12 yrs), Manager/Coach (8 yrs), Team Co-Sponsor (1 yr), BSL Executive Committee Team Rep (9 yrs), BSL NAGAAA Rep (1.5 yrs), BSL Ratings Committee (8 yrs), BSL Fundraising Committees (10 yrs), Finance Committee (5 yrs), Raffle Committee - 2012 Chair, By-Laws Committee (8 yrs), Fields Committee (2 yrs), Parking Committee (1 yr), Membership Committee (1 yr), BSL Draft/Skills Clinic Volunteer & On-Field Coordinator (multiple yrs), BSL In-Season Skills Clinic Volunteer & Instructor (multiple yrs), Minuteman Classic Tournament Committee (4 yrs), Minuteman Volunteer (4 yrs), Minuteman Donor (Personal Donor)- Monetary & In-Kind (4 yrs), Minuteman Sponsorship Liaison (4 yrs), BSL Donor (Personal Donor) - Monetary & In-Kind, especially for League Events (12 yrs), BSL & Team Sponsor Advocate & Supporter (12 yrs).

Awards, Award Nominations & Recognition: John Cutting Sportsmanship Award Winner, Div II '04; John Cutting Sportsmanship Award Nominee, Div II '09, '06; Rudy Becerra Sportsmanship Award Nominee, Div I '11; BSL Most Inspiring Athlete Award Winner, Pridesports Boston, '13; Team MVP: Boston Fritz Force '11 & '08; Randolph Country Club '04; Mariners '01; World Series Team MVP: Randolph Country Club '04; Boston Force '07

Best League Finishes:
1st place: 3 times (Div II, '10, '09, '08 as coach-player – Boston Fritz Force; Div II, '05, '04 as coach-player – Randolph Country Club Stingers; Div III, '12 as player – Bayside Betsy's Fat Cats)
2nd place: 1 time (Div II, '06, '07 as coach-player – Swank Film Force, Boston Force) 3rd place: 1 time (Div I, '11 playoffs as coach-player – Boston Fritz Force)

World Series BSL Team appearances (5):
Has competed as a World Series player and coach in the B, C, Womens, and Masters Division levels
Columbus, '10, Div C, as pick-up player & assistant to coach Gary Brenner – 5 Star Diablos, 4th place trophy
Milwaukee, '09, Div C, as coach/player – Boston Fritz Force, 17th place
Seattle, '08, Div C, as coach/player - Boston Force, 18th place
Phoenix, '07, Div C, as coach/player - Boston Swank Film Force, 7th place
Dallas, '04, Div C, as coach/player – Randolph Country Club Stingers, 11th place

Tournament appearances (39):
As coach/ player/semi-travel agent, leading her team to multiple tournaments and visits such as: Washington DC, Milwaukee, Tampa, Orlando, Philadelphia, New York, Rhode Island, and Boston Minuteman Classics
As a BSL pick-up player traveling with teams to such tournaments as: Toronto, Phoenix, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Austin, and the Chicago Seniors/Masters Tournaments

Representing BSL Sponsored Team in Other leagues:
RSMSL Fall League (Ricky Silvia Memorial Softball League): - coach/player (Since its founding – 9yrs) Boston Media League: Boston Fritz Force, (1yr)

Other (NAGAAA) Related:
Boston Alternative Womens Softball League (BAWL): (7 seasons, '06-present). Constant advocate for woman players of BAWL to also join BSL NAGAAA & ASANA Womens World Series: has played faithfully ... being recognized with those teams over 7 years (see below): World Series Team MVP: '12, '11, '08, '95, '90, '89, (all in NAGAAA / ASANA Women’s World Series) Masters Division (NAGAAA World Series): '11 - Chicago, as player / assistant coach- San Francisco Grey Bulls. Team MVP, 4th place trophy Chicago GAA (Gay Athletic Association which became Chicago MSA & then CMSA): '82, joined as player. Chicago WCSL -Men's: '95-'00, coach- Scot's Shots, improving a "D" Division team to "B" after 2 seasons. '00 Chicago Champ & GSWS "B" team. Chicago CMSA-Women's: '93-'05, player – Closet Jackie's Windy City team Boston BSL & Chicago CMSA: '01-'05, commuted to Chicago from Boston to play in both Leagues. Seattle '08 W.S.: Played in both the Men's (Open) NAGAAA & Women's (ASANA) World Series simultaneously (likely the only person to have done so). NAGAAA Legends Game: Milwaukee World Series, '10, player.

Among the several aspects to Elaine’s decade plus of involvement with the BSL, 100% competitor is the most evident to those who know her, as she with relentless passion and dedication, applies herself for each game. A hard-charging competitiveness that even a concussion injury while pitching couldn’t slow! Mentor to countless of our young(er) gay athletes is another. Her support begins with the knowledgeable softball skills instruction she provides, but extends to being a source of personal guidance for many of her ball players. Elaine doesn’t simply commit to a team, she commits to people! And as a League Leader, where much of the work is thankless, Elaine has consistently stepped up year after year and devoted her time, energy and indeed thickness of skin to the needs of everyone in the League. The many efforts and tasks she has undertaken have proven time and again that she is truly devoted and committed to this league.

Elaine is a passionate softball player, a friend, a mentor to a generation of league members, and a devoted contributor to the success of the Beantown Softball League.

Elaine is a Chicago native softball player who approached Bill Hull HOF’05 in Toronto during the 2000 World Series. “I’ll be moving to Boston this winter, and will be looking to join your League for next season” she said. So in the spring of 2001, Elaine joined his team for their first practice of the year at Smith, a field she had last played on as a visiting World Series player in 1991. The rest is history! Elaine has gone on to make a significant impact on her teams, and ultimately the BSL, with her own unique flair! She coached her team for 8 seasons beginning in 2004, accumulating a record of 59-12 taking home trophies in every season including 5 championships. Such a strong team certainly contributed to making Division II more competitive, from bottom to top, than it ever was in BSL history! From early on, her approach to teaching her players the methods of success was plain to see. Molding quite an aggressive playing technique, her approach actually came down to simply playing to the best of your ability knowing you gave it your best regardless of the outcome. Elaine is a woman and coach who brings out the best of her players’ abilities at every level of play. She earned the loyalty of the same group of players for over a decade who respected, and gladly followed, the direction of success she maintained as a leader on the field and off. All of her hard work, which gained that respect, never has and never will be diminished or forgotten by any of them. Her values and knowledge of the game have been an inspiration!

After her team eventually disbanded, Elaine wasn't sure what would come of her softball future. When coach Kevin Collins heard she wasn't coaching, he gambled and convinced her to join his new Division 3 team. He was shocked that she joined, as it was a division lower than she usually played in, but also felt extremely grateful that she joined. With a team put together from scratch, consisting of many "personalities," Kevin often found himself going to Elaine for advice. Having a championship caliber coach as a player on his team was an amazing resource! At first the team felt slightly intimidated when told that Elaine was joining them, as she was a ‘larger than life’ personality who had a reputation as a strong leader. However after the first practice, they realized that not only was she a great tool to have to improve their skills, but she was a teammate that would fight for them on and off the field!

Elaine not only has served as a coach and mentor for her own teams, but she has also been a mentor to many players from other teams, especially newcomers in the League's lower divisions. It is evident to see this in action on the fields, as well as in the constant exchange of information on the BSL Facebook page where Elaine is sure to interject a form of guidance that only a true veteran and mentor would in sharing those values among all BSL generations. However, it is also what Elaine has done off the field that shows her complete commitment and love for softball, the BSL, and its players. Her countless personal donations to the League are almost taken for granted now. Her loyalty to sponsors is also strong and focused. From leading her team directly through the front door of her sponsors to hosting her own wedding reception at a BSL sponsor, she shows the way! And time and time again, whenever a league member has been ill, lost a job, or had a personal problem, Elaine has been there to offer her assistance. She has a heart of gold and has been a true "teammate" to so many.