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RIP is deceased, Rest in Peace.

Frank Ribaudo

Inductee: Frank Ribaudo

Member Since: 1990
Inducted: 2005

The exceptional generosity and love he has for the game have enabled all of Frank's teams to successfully compete in Boston and in cities across the US and Canada. He also, graciously, throws open the doors of his stylish and beloved Club Café as host to banquets, meetings, fundraisers, Hall of Fame Inductions and anything else the BSL may need!

Sponsor, Player, Coach/Manager, BSL Executive Committee Member (Team Rep., many years)

Teams: Club Café Angels (1st team, 17 yrs), Club Café Crew (6 yrs), Club Café Saints (2 yrs), Club Café Devils (1 yr), Club Café Women's Alternative Teams (multiple years)

Team Sponsorship: Generous sponsor of five softball teams over the years, teams in other sports and multiple philanthropic causes

Team (Best League Finishes):
1st place: Club Café Angels: '93, '95, '04, '05 - Providence Fall League, '05 Dorchester Cardinal League; Club Café Crew: '06 Media League
2nd place: Club Café Angels: '91, '92; Club Café Crew: '02-'06 (Div 1)

7 World Series Appearances: '95, '98, '99, '02, '03, '04, '05
Best finish: 2nd place, '04 Dallas, Club Café Angels (Div. C)

Tournament Appearances (60 At Least):
Best finishes:
1st place: '02 Dallas, Club Café Angels (Div. B); '03 Philadelphia Club Café Angels (Div. C); '05 Montreal, Club Café Angels (Div. A); '05, '06 Washington D.C., Club Café Angels (Div. B)
2nd place: '01 Dallas (Div. B); '03 Chicago, Club Café Crew (Div. B); '03 New York, Club Café Angels (Div. C); '04 Ft. Lauderdale, Club Café Angels (Div. C); '05 New York, Club Café Angels (Div. C); '06 Chicago Gay Games, Club Café Angels (Div. B)
3rd place: '04 Ft Lauderdale, Club Café Crew (Div. A)
4th place: '02 Sydney Australia Gay Games, Club Café Angels (Div. A)

In 1990, a cute BSL player named Joe Studer approached me to ask if I would sponsor a team in the BSL. We called the team the Angels, which marked the beginning of Club Café Softball. I began my BSL playing career with the Angels in 1991. I've never been much more than a 'C' player, but I give 110% and play with the Pride of being a gay athlete representing Boston!

Later in the 1990s I founded, played for, and coached an additional 'B' team named the Club Café Saints for two years. The Saints disbanded, so I picked up the sponsorship of the former Mikes Gym Team for one year naming them the Club Café Devils. In 2002, I became the new sponsor of the 2000 B Division World Series Champion Jackhammers team naming them the Club Café Crew. I played with the Crew for two years until, at age 60, I returned to my roots with the Angels where I am proud to serve as first base coach and last person off the bench!

I found my induction into the Hall of Fame in 2005 pretty special. I believe my induction was more for the many roles I've played in the league. I'm certainly not amongst the best players, but I've done many things beyond the day- to- day playing of softball. I am honored, though, to be in the Hall with others who are just absolutely incredible softball players.

Club Café has been fortunate to be able to contribute thousands of dollars per season to its two sponsored teams. Our sponsorship has enabled our teams to compete in tournaments throughout the US and Canada, tournaments in which we have been among the elite teams of NAGAAA softball.

The Club is overflowing with trophies and plaques from our many teams over the seasons. The real joy, however, comes from knowing that Club Café has provided the means for its countless many players to compete in recreational and competitive softball while proudly wearing the uniform of Club Café.