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Bob Burnham

Inductee: Bob Burnham

Member Since: 1978
Inducted: 2005

A founding member and part of the group who helped organize the creation of the BSL, Bob is also recognized for his service as Commissioner, Treasurer and the successful coaching and mentoring of his teams and players. A seasoned veteran of a mere 30 years, his enthusiasm and energy are clearly evident whether the conversation is of the past, present or future of the BSL!

Manager/Coach, Player (4 yrs), BSL Commissioner (3 yrs), BSL Treasurer (2 yrs), World Series Co-Chair & Finance Committee Member '91 NAGAAA/Boston, Minuteman Classic Committee Member (7 yrs), NAGAAA Rep. Boston (3 yrs), NAGAAA Hall of Famer - Inducted 2001

Teams: Fritz (20 yrs), Ramrod (1st team, 10 yrs)

Awards: BSL Manager of the Year Award (5 times), Team MVP ('01 Fritz), Commissioner's Award '02

19 League Championships:
1st place (19 times): '84-'85 Ramrod (Div. I); '86, '90-'00, '02-present Fritz (Div. I)
2nd place: '87, '01 Fritz (Div. I)

21 World Series Appearances: '84, '85, '88-present
Best finishes:
1st place: '92 Los Angeles, Fritz (Div. A)
2nd place: '93 Philadelphia, Nashville, '98 Atlanta Fritz (Div. A)

Tournament Appearances, (many):
Best finishes:
1st place: '82 Toronto, Ramrod (Div. A); '83 Chicago, Ramrod (Div. A); '90 Chicago, Fritz (Div. A); Minuteman Classic, Boston (4 times); Houston (tie) Fritz (Div. A)
2nd place (numerous): Birmingham, Houston, Minnesota, Phoenix, Norfolk, San Francisco (twice), Fritz (Div. A)
4th place: '91 Minuteman Classic Boston, '90 Gay Games Vancouver, Fritz (Div. A)

BSL Team Play outside League/NAGAAA: Mayor's Cup, BSL All-Star Team Coach (9 yrs during the '80s), Champion (1 yr)

Tournaments: Lynn MA - 2nd place Fritz Team Coach, Brockton MA, Reading MA, Whitman MA Fritz Team Coach), Boston Wednesday Night League - Fritz Team (7 yrs)

Bob began his Boston playing career in 1978. While patronizing the Ramrod one day, he was told that they had a softball team in the "Esplanade League". After expressing an interest, he was immediately sent over to the field where the team was playing at the time. He introduced himself to the coach during the 3rd inning and was put directly into right field where Gigs Kreger, HOF '06, welcomed him by hitting a shot over his head for a homerun! Although getting off to a rough start, Bob's BSL experience became a bright one as he dove in headfirst to all it had to offer!

Having some coaching experience in his background, Bob also began coaching the team. Soon, he had the team traveling to a number of tournaments across the country. There wasn't anything new about traveling to tournaments, but what was different here was that it was the RAMROD TEAM. Previously, traveling teams were made up of a conglomeration of players from different teams. This was the first time a sponsored team regularly traveled on its own. Their first stop was in Toronto where they finished first, then to places like Birmingham, and Chicago (where they placed 1st). Every year they traveled to at least 3 tournaments and he found it becoming a recruiting tool for the team because it was fun to be traveling all over the country with them! While traveling, Bob could see that there was some pretty good competition out there. He felt that in order to compete on that level, a strong Boston team needed to be built if it expected to have a chance to win. So in 1988, Ramrod and Fritz decided to combine forces creating a very strong Fritz team that could give Boston a shot at winning 'A' tournaments and the World Series! Soon the team found itself finishing first and second at tournaments and even winning the World Series in '92 in Los Angeles! The team continues to be a force even to the present time!

While involved in his team's success, Bob was also involved in helping make the B.S.L. successful. He was among the group that worked to form the BSL in 1980, signing and ratifying its first Constitution and By-Laws. He later served several terms as Commissioner and Treasurer and was very involved in the efforts which lead to the World Series being hosted in Boston in '91. Bob credits the success of the Minuteman Classic-Boston Tournament, (held every July 4th between 1985-1990), and the hard work of a great team of BSL members as being the catalysts for NAGAAA in finally choosing Boston as the World Series site. After getting the nod, Bob and other BSL members worked even harder, for over a year, to raise funds and prepare for the NAGAAA/Boston World Series. They hosted events in every bar, solicited donations at all levels, merchandised apparel, held auctions, hosted Casino Nights, sponsored boat cruises, and helped secure sponsorship from Coors Brewery. The 56 World Series teams all played at Smith Field with the women playing on the women's softball diamond at Harvard. Transportation, too, was provided to all players and fans to and from the fields. With all of the fund raising before and during the World Series, it turned out to be a huge success financially with the profits donated to the Fenway Health Center. But the satisfaction of knowing that it was a great BSL effort, all around, was the best reward!

Bob continues his involvement with the BSL and certainly with his friends on the Fritz team, both veterans and rookies alike!