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RIP is deceased, Rest in Peace.

Jan Pytlak

Inductee: Jan Pytlak

Member: 1982-1991
Inducted: 2008

Jan is a great role model for all BSL members because of her talented/hard nosed playing abilities, competitiveness, spirit, service, and loyalty to the League from the very moment she joined as a player and went toe to toe with the best of the BSL men!

Player, Non-Player Member (2 yrs), BSL Treasurer (1 yr), Executive Committee Member (few yrs), Concessions Committee Member (5 yrs), S.C.O.R.E. Member (Softball Competition Or Recreational Enjoyment - a BSL mentoring program for new players by BSL veterans), AIDS Action Committee Member worked with other BSL members to help organize the "Buddies System" '84)

Team: 1270

Awards: BSL Golden Glove Award '83; MVP Boston Mayor's Cup (Co-Ed) '84; BSL All-Star '82, '83, '84, '85, '86; All-Star Canada Cup Toronto '85; Captain 1270 (7 years)

Best BSL Finishes:
1st Place: '86 - Independence Div.
2nd Place: '87 - Independence Div.

3 World Series appearances:
Best Finish: 2nd place Milwaukee '85
Other appearances: New Haven (Women's location) '86, San Francisco '87

Tournament appearances (many):
Best finishes:
1st place (9 times): Minuteman Classic, Boston - Adams Division 1st Place '85, '86, '87; Boston Mayor's Cup (Co-Ed) - 1st Place '84, '85; Southwest Invitational Tulsa - 1st Place '83; Cape Cod Classic - 1st Place '87; March of Dimes Softball Snowball Tournament - 1st Place '87; Lancaster Classic - 1st Place '89
3rd place (2 times): Boston Mayor's Cup-Women's Modified - 3rd Place '83; Boston Mayor's Cup (Co-Ed) - 3rd Place '87
Others: BSL All-Stars vs. Boston Police '83 (score: All-Stars 21, Boston Police 2; played 2nd base); S. West Invitational Tulsa '84; Gay Games '82, '86 (as 1st base coach-recovering from collapsed lung and broken ribs sustained in a game vs. Paradise in '86); Canada Cup Toronto, '85; Minuteman Classic, Boston '89 (Paradise pick-up, played 2nd base)

Jan is a great role model for all BSL members because of her talented/hard nosed playing abilities, competitiveness, spirit, service, and loyalty to the League. She was the Captain and All-Star shortstop of the 1270 team throughout the 1980's decade who recruited high-caliber female players for the 1270 Club (Janet Kelliher, Pattie McGrath, Melinda Adams, Lisa Zappalla, Barbara White) that were pivotal in strengthening the competitive quality of 1270 and the BSL. She played with her all to the point of risking serious injury, which she often suffered and which cut short the playing part of her career!

Her "BSL Spirit" was strong and contagious from the moment she joined 1270 as the player who went toe to toe with the best of the BSL men, to her dedicated involvement in League fundraising, concessions, outreach, and service as a BSL member to the community and to the League itself as a League Officer!

Fellow BSL Hall of Fame member Gary Brenner describes Jan's attributes by recalling the first game he played as a BSL member:

"The first game that I ever played in the BSL was in 1983 and our opponent was a team called the 1270. I had no idea that the team consisted of women and, to be honest, was not thrilled about competing against the "weaker" sex. I noticed a frail looking girl wearing glasses playing shortstop and was amused. We did win the game, but Jan turned my amusement into admiration. This frail looking girl made every play and was not intimidated by guys sliding into her at second base. She had a beautiful swing and reached base on each at bat. I gained much respect for Jan that day and that respect grew as time went on. I watched her compete in various women tournaments including the World Series and she not only played with ability and passion-she represented the BSL with excellence and class. Jan has contributed much to the BSL as an officer, player, representative, and is a fitting member of the Hall of Fame"!

While BSL Treasurer in 1984, Jan personally attended and financially supported all individual team and League fundraisers from Boston to Worcester to Providence. As Treasurer, she was diligent in her duties building upon the foundation of her predecessors Gary Staples and Bob Burnham in keeping League finances current and transparent, including the distribution of a printed balance sheet at the League's year-end Banquets.

She was a loyal supporter of League and team events as a BSL player, League Officer, and Leader even after her playing days were over too. She continues to support the BSL when she can, particularly by attending the Hall of Fame events where she can spend time with her longtime and dear friends renewing those valued relationships.

Jan's Induction into the Hall of Fame serves as a great example of what all BSL members should try to be both on and off the field!