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RIP is deceased, Rest in Peace.

Brad Mayeux

Inductee: Brad Mayeux

Member: 1996
Inducted: 2012

Brad is one of the most talented players the BSL has had, and his play has always attracted the attention of all. The BSL has been fortunate to have had such a great player, and to also have had that same player exemplify the highest level of sportsmanship as well!

Player (17 yrs), Team Sponsor (3 yrs - Dogs R Us - Beantown United)

Teams: Fritz [1st Team] (13 yrs), Club Café Crew (3 yrs), Jackhammers (1 yr)

Awards & Recognition: Best Offensive Player Award Div 1 '98; Best Offensive Player Award Div 1 Nominee (1 - 2 other times); Rookie of the Year Nominee '96; Most Valuable Player Award Div 1 Nominee (1 time); Best Defensive Player Award Div 1 Nominee (1 or 2 times).

Team Best League Finishes: 1st place: Division 1, 9 times as player – Fritz; 2 times as player – Club Café Crew. 2nd place: Division 1, 3 times as player – Fritz.

14 World Series appearances:
2012, 2011, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996.
Best World Series Finishes: 2nd place: '98 Div. A - Fritz; 3rd place: '96 Div. A – Fritz; A Division: as player - Fritz (11 yrs); B Division: as player - Club Café Crew (2 yrs), Jackhammers (1 yr). 5 additional World Series appearances as player with Houston's Montrose Softball League, A Division.

Tournament appearances:
Best finishes: 2nd place: '04 Houston Div A - Fritz.
Other tournaments include: Philadelphia, Phoenix, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Birmingham, Chicago, Boston Minuteman Classic. All as A Division player.

BSL Team Participation Beyond the BSL:
Boston Wednesday Night League: 2 years with Fritz

When Brad Mayeux decided to move from Houston to Boston in 1996 and play for the Fritz team, it made a big difference for the BSL. Not only did his presence on the Fritz team significantly increase their chances of contending in the A division nationally, it also increased the competitive level of the BSL here in Boston. But for Brad, he was just happy to have the opportunity to live in New England, a place he was always attracted to. A native of Louisiana, Brad graduated from LSU and moved to Houston to work at the Texas Medical Center. He joined Houston's Montrose Softball League, where he played for 5 years in the "A" division. In his very first year, he competed in his first World Series right here in Boston in 1991! Then, in 1996, he decided to take a 6-month contract position at the Massachusetts General Hospital in the Cardiovascular ICU. He joined the Fritz team, and the rest is history! Brad has engrained himself in this community ever since, particularly the BSL and the entire sports community. He considers Boston a great city and the BSL a top notch organization that he has been so proud to be a part of!

Brad's BSL teammates and competitors can attest to the fact that he is a unique individual who possesses the natural athletic skills which have allowed him to play in the BSL for so many years at such an extremely high level. Brad has played almost every position on the field, and played them as though they were his regular, everyday, position even though his main positions have been shortstop and third base. In fact, one of Brad's great values to a team is his complete willingness to play any position that the team needs. But much more often than not, what the team needs is for Brad to be in the middle of everything! Brad has a very powerful and accurate arm, one of the strongest ever in the league. Just playing catch with him before a game is a work out, as he roars that throw back at you without effort. The trajectory of his throw is like a rocket! Credit goes to any first baseman or fielder who is at the receiving end of his rockets during the heat of a game! On the offensive side of the ball, Brad is an absolutely feared power hitter! Although he has been known to have hit the fence in left field of Smith Field #1 on numerous occasions (which is a homerun in any Major League park), and burnt many outfielders with skyrocketing homeruns well over their heads, the keyword is "power!" Everything he hits is hard; line-drives, groundballs, fly-balls, homeruns, everything! And again, credit goes to any fielder on the receiving end of Brad's hits who fields or catches those scorching rockets!

Brad has always been a feared power hitter across the country too! No one will forget, of those who witnessed it, one of Brad's greatest moments. It was a "Hall of Fame moment" that took place at the World Series in Atlanta in 1998. Brad's Boston Fritz team was in the finals against the LA Stray Cats. Fritz was down by 3 runs in their last at bat, and LA was poised to take the championship. The stadium was full to a capacity of about 1,500 fans from all over the country. Fritz was able to muster enough to get the bases loaded in the bottom of the 7th inning, and then Brad came to the plate. The tension was mounting as he worked the count, the pitcher, and the anxiety of the ballpark. Then, bang, Brad hit a long drive deep to left that bashed into the crowd for a grand slam – walk off – homerun! Fritz survived to force an "if" championship game with the dynasty team of that time, the LA Stray Cats! The crowd went wild! The stadium soon settled down to a strong, steady "hum" as it awaited the start of the next game. The "buzz" of that crowd was electric, and on the lips of every fan from every part of the country was the name of the guy that made that unforgettable moment – Brad Mayeux! Again, it was a "Hall of Fame moment!" But for Brad, what he seems to remember most about this "moment" is how his Fritz teammate Gary Brenner awaited him at home plate to give him such a "massive open-mouthed French- kiss that I thought he was going to swallow my entire head!" If you're a softball player, you can't help but stop and watch Brad play, and many do. You certainly see the great fielding, hard throwing, power hitting, and distance hitting. You learn things from watching him, especially about how to be a better player. But you also learn about sportsmanship too - how to react when things don't quite go your way, or when you make an error, or don’t come through at the plate. Brad is a "poster boy" for sportsmanship. You can easily see how important it is to him, just by the way he conducts himself and how hard he tries to exhibit it. Brad is one of the best players the BSL has had, and is very visible. The BSL has been fortunate to have had such a great player, and to also have had that same player exemplify the highest level of sportsmanship as well! Speaking of sportsmanship, as a way to "give back", Brad has sponsored a team in Division 4 for the past 3 seasons. His company "Dogs R Us" has sponsored the "Beantown United" team created from "Clinic Day" which is made up of new players to the BSL (and to softball, for that matter), giving them an opportunity to experience the BSL like he has.

Being a teammate of Brad's, or playing against him, has made us all "up our game" for the last 17 years. This has been an important part of making for a highly competitive BSL. His embodiment of sportsmanship during that same period has made us all "up our game" in that department too! An exceptionally visible player because of his exceptional athletic skills, has also yielded a fine ambassador of, and for, our league.