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Matt Collins

Inductee: Matt Collins

Member Since: 1990
Inducted: 2010

For over two decades, Matt has been a tremendously talented and influential member in the BSL. He has also been a key supporter of the league and its mission. Looking back at Matt’s career, one realizes that he has always been a wonderful teammate, player, and person who represents himself with class and dignity both on and off the field.

Player (21 yrs), Executive Committee Member (6 yrs)

Teams: Luxor Jox (1st team), Devils (Club Café and Mike's Gym), Alley Gators and Thunder Alley

Awards: Sportsmanship Award (2 times), Sportsmanship Nominee (4 times), Best Defense (1 time), Best Defense Nominee (2 times), Team MVP (4 times) and Best Offense Nominee (2 times).

Team Best League finishes: 1st -place (3 times), including Mike's Gym, Alley Gators (2); 2nd-place and 3rd-place (numerous)

4 World Series appearances: Luxor (1), Mike's Gym (1), Alley Gators (2), all as a player

Tournament appearances (more than 20): Including: Toronto, Boston, Philadelphia, DC, NY, Mid-Atlantic, Atlanta, Ft. Lauderdale, Chicago, Phoenix, SD, KC
Best finishes: 1st place - New York (2 times), as player; 1st place - Toronto, and Ft. Lauderdale, as player; 1st place – Ft. Lauderdale, as player; 2nd place – Boston, as player; 3rd place – New York, as player; and 4th place – Phoenix, as player.

BSL Team Participation Beyond the BSL:
Dorchester Cardinal League: (3 seasons) as player, Alley Gators
Fritz Block Party: (4 yrs) as player, Mike's Gym and Alley Gators

For the past 21 years, Matt has been a tremendously talented and influential player and person in the BSL. In addition, he has been a key supporter of the league and its mission.

Looking back at Matt's career, one realizes that he has always been a wonderful teammate and represented himself with class and dignity both on and off the field.

On the field of play, Matt's contributions are many. Those who have played with and against Matt have called him one of the best 1st basemen in the league’s long history. Whether it was scooping low throws from a shortstop or stretching for high throws from a 3rd baseman, Collins has been able to handle his position with aplomb. His fielding skills are not limited to saving infielders’ red faces. Matt has always been able to field the hard line drive to his right or knock down the hard-hit ball that appeared certain to be a double.

Matt also has great footwork around the bag and few have done a better job over the years of turning the tricky 3-6-1 or event 3-6-3 double play.

Matt's impact is not limited to just defense. A smooth swing lefty, Collins has spent just about his entire power to right- center and right fields. He also developed a wonderful ability to drive a hard line drive to left field for a single when given an outside pitch. These hitting qualities are still exhibited today as Matt sprays hits all over the ballfield, continuing to drive in timely runs for his team.

To Matt's credit, he has also stepped up and learned a second position as he has become adept at pitching. This, combined with his strong fielding skills make him a formidable opponent.

Off the field, Matt has been perhaps an even more influential member of the BSL. To his teammates and even opponents, Matt has always been the perfect gentleman – always encouraging his peers and continually doing what his best for the team. He is a tremendously unselfish man and is very generous with his time and assistance for anyone who might need a hand on or off the field. He leads by this example and I am happy to say that I like many others have learned from his calm yet warm demeanor.

Matt's qualities and his long-term, successful participation and commitment to the BSL are what have made him a member for our Hall of Fame.